February Meeting Photos

On 7 February 2019, we held our monthly meeting at the Dobson's Restaurant at the Dobson Ranch Golf Course in Mesa, Arizona.  Our guest speaker was Flight 82 member, Col Jeff Parker, USAF Retired.  He gave a very informative and entertaining presentation about his experience on the Presidential Advance Team.  Jeff discussed his selection for the Team, and the procedures they used to travel to the location and set up with the local authorities before the President's arrival.  The Team usually included Secret Service, White House Communications, and other logistics representatives, as needed.  In addition to teaching us about the Advance Team, Jeff's gave us several very funny stories from his time on the team.

Click for Col Jeff Parker's Biogarphy.

Col Jeff Parker discussed his time on the Presidential Advance Team.

Our members and guests enjoyed Jeff's entertaining talk about his experiences all over the world on the Advance Team.

Col Parker was thanked by Flt Capt Stookey for
his very informative presentation.

The VC-137 was used as AF-1 until the VC-25 took over.

The VC-25 (a 747 variant) was used in 1987.

Presidential Advance Team -- known as the most complex, expensive and thorough advance unit in the world -- includes logistics and security for the president's motorcade, as well as employing Secret Service against the 500 death threats the president receives each month, on average.  Protecting the president is no small affair and takes a great deal of manpower. For example, during President Bush's administration in 2003, a trip to London required 904 staffers from Defense, 600 from the armed services, 250 Secret Service officers, 205 White House staff, 103 CIA staff, 44 staff from the State Department, 30 more from within the Cabinet, 18 Senior Advance Office staff, 16 Congressmen and 12 sniffer dogs.  (Source: money.howstuffworks.com.)

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